Strung Like Puppets by Brian R. Strauss

Strung Like Puppets by Brian R. Strauss


Strung Like Puppets is the sophomore collection of poetry by Brian R. Strauss, an enthralling set of poems focused on the menial and mundane of post-addiction life, external decay, and domesticated, nine-to-five "bliss." It is an examination of societal expectations and external stimuli culminating in a re-awoken self found in the faceless authorial voice of these poems.

Foxx Press is proud to present a work that pushes standards of writing that in many ways align the mean-spirited underbelly of life's inane process and the undercurrent of spirited optimism found in the perseverence amid depression, addiction, and capitulation.

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"This large, worthwhile book is the first release on Strauss’ recently launched indie publishing house, Foxx Press. Strauss is young and the spoils and sadness of youth are all over Puppets.What’s more, it’s nice to see him dabbling in varying types of diction and styles, and he isn’t afraid to make San Diego itself a character within his verses. The streets, the sounds and even the smells of the city pop up throughout the book, proving that Strauss’ natural ability for true evocativeness. “There is sunlight draped across the buildings leading to El Cajon Boulevard/Leaning into sunlight, an epicenter of growth, thirsty for affection,” he recounts in “Cuts Across My Fingers.” It’s as if the reader was there with him." - Seth Combs, SD CityBeat (2016)