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Of Ennui Featured in San Diego CityBeat's Local Music Issue as EXTRASPECIALGOOD For Second Year in a Row

Change is good. If nothing changes, then it certainly can’t get any better. After more than a decade of listening to local bands’ submissions in a marathon session for the annual Great Demo Review, we’re making some improvements. Bands still make demos, and bands still send them to us, but the state of music in 2018 is such that those demos are, more often than not, the releases that end up being heard by the public. Instead of meticulously prepping songs in pre-studio sessions, bands are self-recording and immediately posting their music to sites such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud, cutting out the middleman entirely. Then again, a lot of bands simply don’t bother with the step of making a demo, and end up sending us their finished, studio-quality recordings. And we’d hate to overlook those submissions just because they’re not technically a “demo,” whatever that is anymore.

—Jeff Terich

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