Mr. Foxx Featured in Great Demo Review 2017

Why do we do it? Why do we gather dozens, sometimes hundreds of local demos each year, and listen to each and every one, sometimes only to end up receiving a lot of angry emails and letters about the results?

The answer is simple: It’s because we give a shit about local music. That might not sound so convincing if you had your demo slammed by one of our writers, but it’s true. We want San Diego to be a place people think of when they think of good music. And so every year we like to take the temperature of the city’s music scene and offer our own remedies for the areas that might be a bit ailing. 

We received 102 demos this year, a dropoff in submissions that I’m going to go ahead and blame Donald Trump for but by no means a small number, and we reviewed all of them. Many of them were excellent—those we dub EXTRASPECIALGOOD, as we’ve done in past years. A handful of them we definitely didn’t like; we hope those artists will take it as constructive criticism or at least have a sense of humor. Most were between the two extremes, usually pretty good, but sometimes in need of a tweak. But I can definitely say that while we can only give away so many EXTRASPECIALGOOD designations, San Diego sounds pretty good this year. Here’s to hoping that 2018 can keep up the streak.

—Jeff Terich

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